The seven chakra’s feed the body with vital energy, the chakra harpmeditation helps to eliminate certain blockages in the energetic system, which enables the energy to flow freely again.

This unique combination of harpplaying, christal clear singing, and the easy but powerful breathing technique thought in the beginning of the session are a approved method of regaining balance again.

One of the many reasons why this harpmeditation has such a deepworking effect on the system (both fysical as energetic), is that during the ceremony the brain lets go of its grasp thereby allowing the healing vibes of the harp to run freely. This has already many times proved to be very effective, for it often gives deep insights and miraculous healing in the people attending this ceremony.

A harpmeditation has a duration of approximatly an hour and a half, with an extra half an hour for sharing with eachother about the experience.

Femke Bloem’s performances always carry a very special atmosphere. At some of the harpmeditations children are allowed, they are usually very much attracted by the magical energy the ceremony evokes. If you would like to bring your child, please contact the organiser of the event for more information.

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