Moon Music


'MoonMusic' is the result of years of working with lunar energies. After giving workshops about the moon Femke decided to create 13 special musical pieces that demonstrate the ‘feeling’ of each of the 13 moons. Like all other CD’s it’s a combination of instrumental pieces and a few songs with a celtic touch.

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Wheel of life


The music on this CD tells about the eight seasonal festivals of the Celts, all together they make the Celtic Wheel of the Year. This wheel is used by many paganistic-groups in the world as a natural calendar to remind themselves to celebrate sacredness of life at least eight times a year.

Since Fem learned that these spokes of the Wheel of the Year can be used as interesting metaphors to make sense of the phases in the personal human lifecycle, she called this CD Wheel of Life, and added some musical pieces about the journey of her own life to it.

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'Fem*Pure' is Femke’s first soloproject, the result of eight years of harp playing behind closed doors, not ready to perform for audience yet. This CD was inspired by celtic music, and most of the pieces tell about special occacions of her own life’s journey. The music is dreamy and slightly melancholic.

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You can order a CD (in Holland) by transferring €17,50 (€15,00 plus €2,50 shipping costs) to bankaccount IBAN NL97INGB 0004031340 Femke Bloem

Please send Femke a mail with your details. If you would like the CD to be shipped across the border (of Holland) please also contact Femke concerning the higher shipping costs.