If somebody would have told me in my younger days that some day I would be a well known harpist and that I would compose a great amount of harp music I would not have believed it! Back then I was mainly busy with writing fairytales and painting, and although I could play some tunes on an old flute that I found on the attic, I would never have thought that a great part of my future life would be dedicated to harp music and singing. I started playing the harp when I was in the last year of my study to become an Art Therapist. One day I woke up with the feeling that I should to play the harp, I found a teacher and as soon as I placed my fingers on the strings I knew how to do it. How to play the harp. It felt like I had done it before but certainly not in this life!

For half a year I took some lessons with an Argentinian teachter to get hold of the technique (so many strings!!). But soon after starting the lessons the most beautiful melodies came flowing into my system, like if ‘something’ was playing the harp through me. When I started thinking the music flow would end. That is when I stopped thinking (concerning the harp!). In the meantime approximately forty musical pieces appeared, a lot of them I have recorded by now. After some years of only harp playing I finally dared to sing with it.

Till this day I cannot read sheet music, I remember the pieces by the title or the person or occasion I associate them with. Still, when I make a mistake during a performance it is because I don’t trust the process and started thinking…

I assume that the music and also the language in which I sing is brought to me by spiritual beings more developed then humans (like angels). And also I believe I must have played harp in a former life and therefore still remember how to do it. I realize how weird this sounds but I could not find a better explanation :-)

Once in a while a totally new melody comes pouring out of me and dazzles me with it’s beauty and meaning. Every time that happens I feel like a little child receiving a precious gift, and it always makes me very humble that I am worthy to receive this magic and that I am allowed to share it with the world.

Currenty I have to harps I work with. My first harp, a beautiful Argentinian harp which carries the name ‘Flora’. All CD recordings and performances in Holland I make with her. In 2015 a smaller harp was created by Marc Vos especially for me. This little one is easier to travel with because it fits in the overhead locker when I’m flying. Most concerts in foreign countries are therefore performed with ‘Ammar’ who has the same amount of strings as Flora so that I can play my full repetoire.

In the meantime I have created four CD’s with my own compositions. All of them carry tranquile music with a gentle celtic touch. My first CD came out in 2008, Fem*Pure. Next was ‘Wheel of life’ (2011) with the celtic yearwheel as leading theme. After that I took the thirteen moons as inspiration for ‘Moonmusic’ (2015). In 2016 I made my first meditation CD ‘Harpmeditatiem de zeven chakra’s’ yet only available in Dutch (but working on an English version, the meditation ceremony already can be booked in English though!).

New music is already being ‘downloaded’ in my system so I expect to release my fifth CD somewhere in 2017, with the theme ‘DAWN’.

Also I am working on two other meditation CD’s, one for hypersensitive persons, and a CD for ‘better sleeping’.